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Breakthrough Innovation.

When we were kids, our parents treated minor wounds, cuts and scrapes with a sympathetic hug and a dab of antibiotic ointment. The problem is, those ointments just don’t work very well. But now there’s CUROXEN, an all-natural, organic first aid ointment proven to be over 5X more effective at killing bacteria than any other product on the market today — including those bestselling old favorites — making it a game changer in the stagnant over-the-counter (OTC) first aid market.

Where Science Meets Nature

CUROXEN (kyur-OX-in) is made from organic olive oil, oxygen, calendula and lavender essential oil. That’s it.

Its healing power comes from a proprietary oxygenation process, that amplifies olive oil’s inherent antimicrobial properties by combining it with oxygen, essential for cell repair. This oxygenated organic olive oil comprises over 95% of CUROXEN’s formula. The remaining 5% contains calendula, a homeopathic remedy believed to speed healing and kill bacteria, as well as a touch of essential lavender oil for fragrance.

Safer. Stronger. Smarter.

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