Sore Relief

0.42 oz Tube

Numbs pain, helps prevent infection, and promotes healing of mouth sores using only all-natural and organic ingredients. Does not contain benzocaine.

Fast Pain Relief

What is Mouth Sore Relief for?

Canker Sores


Cheek Bites

Mouth Ulcers

Minor Irritation

Abrasions From Braces and Dentures

Any Other Discomfort in the Mouth

How to use Mouth Sore Relief

Cut the tip of the product tube – do not use if tube is cut prior to opening. Apply to affected area as needed. CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief can be used as needed compared to Orajel™ which should not exceed use 4 times daily.

Why not benzocaine?

Many over the counter oral pain relief products contain benzocaine, a local anesthetic and numbing agent, as their active ingredient. Benzocaine has been linked to a fatal blood disorder called methemoglobinemia and the FDA has criticized its use in teething products². CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief uses scientifically-proven ingredients such as clove oil¹ to provide natural pain relief.

CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief can be used as needed while benzocaine based products can only be used four times daily. Excessive use of benzocaine can lead to serious side effects such as uneven heartbeats, seizure (convulsions), coma, slowed breathing, or respiratory failure (breathing stops).³

All-Natural and Organic Ingredients

Clove Oil

Proven as effective in providing pain relief as benzocaine according to a study published in the Journal of Dentistry¹

Oxygenated Olive Oil/Olive Extract (oleuropein)

CUROXEN’s formula consists of ultra-pure, certified organic olive oil. The olive oil undergoes an oxygenation process (yep, it’s infused with good old O2, necessary for cell repair and regeneration) that combined with olive extract creates a highly antimicrobial substrate.


High in plant-based antioxidants called flavonoids, calendula extract is derived from the flower petals of the pot marigold and has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. ¹

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Added for taste.


Finally, we added stevia, a natural sweetener, to deliver a satisfying flavor.

CUROXEN does NOT contain

  • Synthetic drugs, including benzocaine
  • Petrolatum-derived products
  • Artificial chemicals

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Product FAQs

How do you pronounce CUROXEN?

Our name is a blend of cure + oxygen, pronounced “kyur-ox-in.”

What is CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief?

CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief was created to provide fast pain relief, prevent infection, and promote healing of mouth sores, mouth ulcers, and other minor mouth irritations

Usage FAQs

Can I use it for other conditions?

CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is made for canker sores, mouth ulcers, minor irritation, injury, abrasions from braces and dentures, cuts, cheek bites or any other minor discomfort in the mouth. We advise you talk to a dentist first for any uses beyond the above.

Is there supposed to be a safety seal on the tube?

Yes. You have to cut the tip of CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief before use.

Is it safe to use on babies and kids?

While CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief can be used on children 2 to 12 years old, you should consult a medical professional before use. Adult supervision is recommended. Children under 2 should not use CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief.

    It burned a little when applied. Is that normal?

    Some cuts, scrapes, and burns can be sensitive. Even cleaning minor wounds with water can sting. CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief may burn a little upon application, but the sensation is temporary. Rest assured, CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief works quickly to promote healing and prevent infection.

    Ingredient FAQs

    How often can I use it?

    Unlike alternative mouth pain relief products that contain benzocaine, CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief can be used as needed.

    Is CUROXEN gluten free?

    Yes, CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is gluten free.

    Why does it have a smell/taste?

    Because CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is an all-natural & organic product, we don’t add any artificial fragrances or flavoring. We have added cinnamon and stevia for better taste.

    Why is it kind of runny?

    CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is an all-natural product, therefore we have not added any artificial thickeners. If it’s too runny for you, we recommend you pop CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief in the fridge for 10 minutes before use.

    Is CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief cruelty free?

    Yes! CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is never tested on animals

    Is CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief vegan?

    No. CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief contains seven organic ingredients, including beeswax, which is not vegan.

    Manufacturing FAQs

    How is it made?

    CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices per U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines using a proprietary process.

    Is it a certified, registered product in the USA?

    CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief is registered in the FDA National Drug Code Directory and contains certified organic and all-natural ingredients.

    ¹Alqareer A, Alyahya A, Andersson L. (2006, March 13). The effect of clove and benzocaine versus placebo as topical anesthetics. Retrieved from



    Arora, D., Rani, A., Sharma, A. (2013 Jul-Dec). A review on phytochemistry and ethnopharmacological aspects of genus Calendula. Retrieved from

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