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Our Story

About OrganiCare

CUROXEN®’s parent company is OrganiCare. Scientific validation is our hallmark, and our team has decades of experience developing disruptive consumer products that are compliant with FDA standards. We believe that scientific study and FDA compliance are vital steps to proving our products effective and safe for consumers.

Our Mission

OrganiCare’s mission is to create all-natural and organic OTC healthcare products that are safe, effective and simply better than the petrochemical-based industrial products used by most consumers today.

We stand by our mission to:

  • Dispel the notion that all-natural and organic products are not as effective as their drug and chemical-laden counterparts
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of drugs and chemicals when a natural alternative exists, especially when that alternative is strong, safe and smart
  • Raise awareness of antibiotic overuse to help stem the tide of antibiotic resistance, which is a global health problem recognized by the United Nations (UN), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Create healthcare products proven to be highly effective without using known allergens

Our Team

Based in Austin, TX, OrganiCare was founded in January 2016 by two serial entrepreneurs, each with their own incredible track record of business success. CEO, Caroline Goodner was founder and CEO of two genetics companies and CEO of a consumer products company specializing in health and wellness products for new moms.

Caroline Goodner
Caroline GoodnerCEO

Chairman, David Shockley is a biologist focused on the technology and innovation side of the medical device industry. However, disruption in a mature market space takes more than a mission statement. OrganiCare is well positioned to lead the charge. The company has spent years developing their first product to hit the US market, an all-natural and organic first aid ointment, CUROXEN.

David Shockley
David ShockleyChairman

Medical Advisor, Eleanor Piel Womack, MD attended Harvard University and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Womack is Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well as Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Womack and her practice.

Eleanor Piel Womack
Eleanor Piel WomackMedical Advisor

Italian Roots, All-American Ingenuity

cxn-newsite-flagsCUROXEN’s unique formula is based on an Italian university discovery, which identified a unique process for combining the antibacterial, healing effects of pure olive oil with life-giving oxygen to create a powerful yet natural treatment for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns.

Now, in partnership with a leading medical company in Italy, CUROXEN is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices per U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines to create an effective and innovative natural product backed by science. Furthermore, CUROXEN is registered in the FDA National Drug Code Directory.