Italian Roots,
All-American Ingenuity

As Seen In

As Seen In

CUROXEN’s unique formulas are based on a discovery made in partnership with Italian clinicians and an Italian business partner of OrganiCare. They identified a unique process for combining pure organic olive oil and olive extract with life-giving oxygen to create a powerful substrate. Our Italian business partners were able to prove the effectiveness of this oxygenated oil in killing germs and healing wounds in hospitals across Europe. The scientists at OrganiCare then took this breakthrough technology a step further and created an over-the-counter proprietary shelf stable product for consumers to use in minor wounds.


Proven by Science

Scientific evidence is the hallmark of all CUROXEN products. We always substantiate our claims and active ingredients with scientific testing and evidence. We use accredited third-party labs to independently test and provide proof of our products.  For example, CUROXEN First Aid Ointments kill 99.9% of harmful germs*. See our testing data for proof.


Powered by Nature

CUROXEN products are derived from nature. Our formulas consist of only high quality, all-natural and organic ingredients. No synthetic antibiotics or chemicals. Ever.

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