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Our name is a blend of cure + oxygen, pronounced  “kyur-ox-in”

My CUROXEN was runny when I opened it…is it supposed to be that way?
CUROXEN is made with all natural ingredients, and oxygenated olive oil is a major component. If the tube gets above 77 degrees, the ointment will liquefy. To return it to its thicker state, simply put the tube in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and then it will be thick again, like a typical ointment. You can then store it at room temperature and it will remain thick, until or unless it gets over 77 degrees again.

How do you use CUROXEN?
First, clean the wound. Then apply a large drop of CUROXEN on the area. Ideally, cover the wound with a bandage.

How often should I use CUROXEN?
You can apply CUROXEN as often as you like, but most wounds could be treated 2 – 3 times per day until it is healed.

Do I have to use CUROXEN with a bandage?
It is not necessary, but it helps to protect the wound from possible irritation.

Why is CUROXEN better than using an antibiotic ointment?
CUROXEN doesn’t use artificial or synthetic drugs or chemicals. Most people would prefer to use all-natural and organic products that are clean, with understandable ingredients. CUROXEN kills germs better than antibiotic ointments, but does it without synthetic drugs or chemicals.

Why can’t I use what I’ve always used?
You probably have a tube or two of Neosporin in your bathroom? It’s always been around so it must work, right? The problem is, Neosporin is not that effective at killing germs *. In fact, it’s less effective at killing germs than Vaseline. That’s right, pure petroleum jelly  (an oil refinery by-product) is more effective at killing germs than the top selling ointment that’s been on the market for generations.

How does CUROXEN work?

CUROXEN is made from organic olive oil, oxygen, calendula and lavender essential oil. That’s it. Its healing power comes from a proprietary oxygenation process that amplifies olive oil’s inherent antimicrobial properties by combining it with oxygen, essential for cell repair.

What is it?
CUROXEN is an all-natural, certified organic first aid ointment used to kills germs and to help heal wounds from minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

How can a natural product be stronger at killing bacteria than an antibiotic?
The oxygenated olive oil is a powerful antimicrobial substrate, and calendula adds to the antimicrobial and healing power of the formula. Independent lab testing proves that CUROXEN is far stronger than antibiotic ointments.

Can I use CUROXEN on my baby?
Yes. CUROXEN is safe for use on anyone.

What is the shelf life of CUROXEN?
CUROXEN has an 24 month shelf life.

Where is the expiration date on the package?
The expiration date can be found on the sealed end of the tube.

What are the active ingredients of CUROXEN?
Olive extract and calendula.

What are the inactive ingredients of CUROXEN?
Lavender essential oil.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?
Actually, they have. CUROXEN is made in Italy and derived from a unique formula based on an Italian university discovery, which identified a unique process for combining the antibacterial, healing effects of pure olive oil with life-giving oxygen to create a highly effective yet natural cure for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns.

How is it made?
In partnership with a leading homeopathic medicine company in Italy, CUROXEN is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices per U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines

Is it a certified, registered product in the U.S.?
CUROXEN is registered in the FDA National Drug Code Directory and contains certified organic and all-natural ingredients.

Can I use CUROXEN on my pet?
Yes. CUROXEN is safe for all your furry friends.

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