So you think CUROXEN smells

Like all senses, smell is subjective (just ask any man-child who wears AXE). Other than perhaps bacon, there aren’t a lot of scents that are nearly universally adored which is why most fragrant products come in a variety of options. Of course there are some smells we may think are the absolute worst, but just like you wouldn’t avoid seeing your sweet grandmother because of her choice of pot-pourri, you wouldn’t stop using a needed medication for the same reason.

To our CUROXEN fans and critics, we’ve heard you. If you’re wondering what the smell is that everyone is talking about it, or if you just want to know why it smells the way it does, let’s chat.

The All-Natural Predicament

When it comes to medicinal smells, we’re used to either the sickly sweet bubblegum and grape scents used in kid’s medication or the typical clean clinical smell of other products. Since kid’s Pepto-Bismol and Tylenol PM aren’t derived from plants, they can add whatever chemicals they need to either make their product smell more enticing or not smell at all.

The CUROXEN family of products is different. The base of all CUROXEN brand first aid and oral ointments are two ingredients: oxygenated olive oil and calendula.

I know what you’re thinking, “how can those three ingredients smell so bad to so many people?” The answer? Honestly, we have no idea. Perhaps there are just hoards of people who think olive oil is the devil’s deodorant or the scent of Scott Pruitt’s used Trump Tower mattress?

We understand that not many people take a big whiff of their olive oil during cooking (we’re not crazy, it’s no vanilla), but it’s a relatively neutral smell. However, the oxygenation process that makes CUROXEN’s formula 5X stronger than competitors like Neosporin makes it smell a little different. The resulting scent wasn’t horrid, or putrid, or other -id words, but we wanted to add something to make it smell a little less kitchenesque and decided upon lavender.

As much as we’d love to consult a group of top smell experts to formulate a heavily chemical-based, neutral-smelling product, that’s just not the CUROXEN way. We pride ourselves on being an all-natural and organic product, so everything that goes into CUROXEN must follow those guidelines.

But does it work?

While you can ask yourself why CUROXEN smells the way it smells, the more important question is… does it work? We use Alka-Seltzer (even though a lot of people find the taste truly disgusting) because it works. We use rubbing alcohol to sanitize wounds (even though it hurts worse than seeing your ex when you’ve used dry shampoo for the third day in a row) because it works. What makes CUROXEN a different from other needed products?


CUROXEN has been proven in an independent, third-party study conducted by Nelson Laboratories to be five times more effective at killing germs than any other first aid ointment on the market. Not only that, CUROXEN is also known to promote healing and won’t cause an allergic reaction like Neosporin. Now I don’t know about you, but a little odd smell won’t stop me from using the best product on the market.



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