How to Treat Kitchen Burns Quickly and Effectively

I’m sure many of you have been there: you’ve got multiple pans on the stove, you’re busy trying to prepare dinner when you burn yourself on one of the pans or have hot oil splash all over you.

And because the universe works in mysterious ways, it’s never the type of supper you can put to one side while you tend to your poor hand. It’s always one of those occasions where you’re cooking an elaborate meal for a dinner party of 10, so your love can impress their new boss. Panic inevitably sets in.

Kitchen burns and scalds are common, and they’re usually fairly mild and require little attention. Even though they usually heal quickly, they certainly do hurt! The unpleasant throbbing that lasts for hours, regardless of how long you hold the affected area under cold water, is always a brutal reminder of your clumsiness.

The internet is full of advice of what to do for kitchen burns, some sage and some just plain oddball. Most sound incredibly messy involving bizarre ingredients or chemicals that you fear probably shouldn’t be applied to damaged skin (or undamaged skin for that matter). Very few of them sound like something that can be applied in seconds and won’t have you looking like you’ve emptied your entire condiment collection over yourself—not a good look for a dinner party!

CUROXEN is the perfect solution for minor kitchen burns and scalds. A slick of this first-aid ointment helps to soothe the affected area quickly, allowing you to get right back to whipping up award-winning souffles and making intelligent but humorous small talk with all your VIP guests.

The cream is totally natural and contains 100 percent organic ingredients. Oxygenated olive oil, calendula and lavender help to clean the area, ease the pain and speed up the healing process. There are no nasty chemicals or petroleum-based products in CUROXEN so it won’t cause any allergic reactions.

Thanks to CUROXEN, I was able to avert any kitchen disasters and soothe my burnt hand quickly without any fuss. In fact, I’d forgotten all about it by dessert. I’m not entirely sure my menu won over the hearts and minds of our guests that night, but they’re all still alive and well so I’m considering that a win. Plus my husband’s boss invited him for a round of golf next weekend so I must have done something right.

Have you used CUROXEN for kitchen burns. How did it work?

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