How to Soothe & Heal a Diaper Rash

If it’s one thing parents of diaper wearing children know, it’s that nothing is quite as awful as dealing with a little one’s diaper rash. You hate to see your precious angels in pain just as much as they hate being in it, so finding the quickest treatment and relief is of the utmost importance. Once you’ve identified the problem and its cause, using CUROXEN is a surefire way to not only quickly heal the rash quickly but soothe the skin as well.

What causes diaper rash?

Diaper rashes occur under a variety of factors and can affect anyone wearing a diaper or similar product. Typical causes of diaper rash are

  1. Chafing or rubbing
  2. Sensitive skin
  3. Infrequent diaper changes
  4. Bacterial reaction from excrement
  5. Staph or strep bacteria
  6. Yeast Infections
  7. Reactions to new foods or products

Is diaper rash the sign of a neglectful parent?

Absolutely not! Many parents – especially first timers- erroneously think that because one of the main causes is prolonged exposure to moisture making some parents believe the discomfort could have been prevented. Don’t worry though, diaper rash is an extremely common occurrence that has more than one cause and it in no way a reflection of parenting skills.

What are the symptoms of a diaper rash?

The easiest identifier of a diaper rash is a raw, red, and tender skin that may also blister located in an area covered by a diaper. It is also easy to spot if your child’s demeanor changes to one that’s sour and uncomfortable particularly with touch to the diaper area or during changes.

Before and after using CUROXEN for diaper rash.

How to treat

  1. At changing time, thoroughly clean and wipe the area
  2. Apply a liberal amount of CUROXEN to the tender skin. The all-natural and organic formula can kill 5X more bacteria than Neosporin and will soothe the affected area while promoting healing.
  3. Repeat as needed until the rash is gone.

Tips to prevent future diaper rashes

  • Change diapers as frequently as possible
  • Wash hands before you change to prevent the spread of yeast and/or bacteria
  • Use warm water to clean the area using only gentle, fragrance free soap when needed
  • Pat the skin lightly with a towel until completely dry
  • Air dry when time permits
  • Don’t overtighten diapers
  • Apply preventative ointment’s if the skin is prone to rashes


Please seek medical attention if the rash develops blisters, pus-filled bumps, patches of oozing yellow pus, open sores, or if it has not cleared up within five days.



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