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When Biking Leads to Skinned Knees

Whether biking through town on your bright blue Schwinn, tearing up the mountains on your Trek Fuel, or just riding through the neighborhood on a bike with freshly removed training wheels, at some point that graceful aerodynamic ride will falter, and you’ll get stuck with a skinned knee. No matter your biking style, CUROXEN’s all-natural formula will be there to get you back in cycling shape.

The Dangers of an Untreated Skinned Knee

Minor wounds are pretty good about healing themselves (save for a few underlying health issues that may slow the process like diabetes, autoimmune diseases), so there’s a collective tendency to let nature- and the body- do all the work. While often times a body doesn’t need help healing itself, it does need defense against bacteria and germs. Leaving a wound untreated could have disastrous results ranging from the annoyance of a minor infection to the scary reality of sepsis, staph, and even superbugs like MRSA. That’s why we want you to know how to deal with minor road rash.

How to Treat a Skinned Knee

Once safely at home, follow these steps to ensure that your skinned knee’s only lasting effect is a gnarly scar.

  1. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the knee
  2. Rinse the area to get rid of all the blood, dirt, and debris currently in and around the wound
  3. Use a cleaning agent- preferably soap and water over hydrogen peroxide- to prevent infection
  4. Apply the CUROXEN that best fits your needs whether original, CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain, or CUROXEN with Vitamin D for Kids
  5. Cover the wound and change the dressing daily
  6. Check for signs of infection

Signs of infection

Seek medical attention if you experience the following

  1. Pus that is yellow or green in nature
  2. Swelling or pain stemming from the wound
  3. Fever


Skinned knees are always a high probability when on two wheels, so CUROXEN is there to make sure you can keep trucking even after you test the limits of gravity.


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