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How to tackle paddle boarding blisters

As temperatures rise and Spring break approaches, bodies of water will start filling up with the surf/kayak combo, paddle boards. Unfortunately, the moisture from the water combined with the friction of operating the paddle can leave your hands covered in fun paddle board blisters. Seeing as how the hands are the most often used body part throughout the day, having the hindrance of painful blisters can make life a little rough. To ensure that all the germs from your daily touches don’t get in and to promote better healing, use CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain to get yourself back into paddle boarding condition.

How to Sail on without the Blisters

  1. Loosen your grip– Most paddle board newbies either grip the paddle too hard or with their entire hand. The key to not just preventing blisters but having an overall better paddle boarding experience is to hold on just enough to keep the paddle in your hands. This will also allow for better control and less overall strain.
  2. Keep your hands warm and dry- This is a tricky one since you’re on the water, but by purchasing the right equipment (i.e. paddle board specific gloves) and drying your hands and paddle as often as possible, you’ll lessen your chances of coming out the other side with a blister.

How to Treat the Blisters You Already Have

Blebs- or intact blisters filled with fluid

Gently clean the area with soap and water

  1. Apply CUROCXEN with Arnica for Pain Relief
  2. Cover the blister using a cushioned bandage

Blebs that need to be popped

  1. Clean the area with soap and water
  2. Sterilize a needle or safety pin using rubbing alcohol or fire
  3. Lance the blister and drain the pus
  4. Pat the area dry
  5. Apply CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain Relief
  6. Cover with a bandage

Already broken blisters

  1. Clean the wound with soap and water
  2. Apply CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain Relief
  3. Cover with a bandage

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