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How to Remove a Splinter

It’s not enough that zombie trees come back to exact their revenge, they have to leave a souvenir from battle in their victims. Getting splinters is more of an annoyance than anything else, but they can prove to be a bigger issue if left untreated. With foreign matter lodged into the body, it’s the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria to fester and grow. Removing a splinter may not be the most comfortable of experiences, but with tact and a little CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain, dislodging little wooden swords can be a little less irritating.

Types of Splinters

When people think of splinters, their mind usually moves to old wooden playgrounds and climbed trees, but the actual definition of a splinter extends beyond the pines. A splinter can refer to a piece of broken glass stepped on after your spouse “cleans up” the mess from a broken dish, a fishhook from a fishing mishap, or even the bones from the fish you caught lodging themselves into fingers while you prepare your victory meal.

Removing Splinters

While the pain from a typical splinter is often minimal, the affects of foreign matter of any kind lodged within the body can lead to infections. As such, removing the splinter is imperative to both your potential health and your ability to claim ultimate victory. Following these steps will help you with both.

  1. Clean the wound using a gentle cleanser like soap and water
  2. Examine the area using a magnifier of some sort
  3. DO NOT SQUEEZE- though it’s tempting to treat a splinter like a pimple, squeezing can cause the splinter to break into more pieces
  4. Mix a paste from baking soda and water until it’s thick enough to lather on the area (please source where this came from)
  5. Apply a bandage to the splinter and baking soda paste
  6. Let sit for one to 24 hours
  7. Remove the bandage- the splinter should come out with the bandage
  8. Use tweezers if the splinter remains in the wound
  9. Treat the area with CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain and cover with a fresh bandage

If you are unable to remove the splinter or it is too big and causing extreme pain, seek the help of a medical professional.

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