Scientific tests show CUROXEN kills well over 5X more germs* than its competitors, including MRSA – or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

MRSA is one of the most worrisome germs in healthcare because it is known to be resistant to some of our most frequently used antibiotics.

Over the Counter (OTC) retail drugs in the USA are FDA registered either as allopathic or homeopathic, and homeopathic drugs are required to have certain disclaimers. OrganiCare’s products (CUROXEN and FemiClear) and manufacturing facilities are FDA registered homeopathic.

Homeopathic drugs are not required by the FDA to have independent laboratory testing to verify their claims. However, unlike many other homeopathic companies, OrganiCare’s products have been independently tested. The antimicrobial testing on OrganiCare’s products has been performed by independent accredited USA laboratories based on scientific methods and ASTM standards which are FDA-recognized tests.

The scientific testing results are clear, OrganiCare products are significantly more antimicrobial than their homeopathic and allopathic counterparts. See our website for the testing data. While it may be tempting to view all homeopathic drugs as the same, OrganiCare’s products are different and proven.

Let our scientific proof be the reason you try our products; let their effectiveness on you be the reason you continue using our products. You can trust OrganiCare products to kill germs and thereby help your body to heal.

Proof: Nelson Labs independently confirmed CUROXEN’s germ* killing power.

Nationally certified Nelson Laboratories tested CUROXEN against bestselling wound care products to determine the kill rate of five common germs that can cause infection in wounds, including MRSA. The results are the proof: CUROXEN kills over 5X more germs* than its competitors, demonstrating its superior antimicrobial capability.

Our founders have a strong science bias, so you can be assured that CUROXEN has been rigorously tested to prove its germ killing power. And we’ve applied that same discipline to testing and vetting the product in both the scientific and homeopathic communities.

CUROXEN’s Role in Wound Healing  

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CUROXEN surpasses artificial antibiotic ointments in wound treatment.

CUROXEN starts with all-natural ingredients: ultra-pure, organic olive oil, calendula and lavender essential oil.

Independent laboratory tests prove that CUROXEN kills well over 5 times the germs* as artificial antibiotic ointments.

CUROXEN is made from all-natural, organic ingredients: ultra-pure, organic, oxygenated olive oil, calendula and lavender essential oil.

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Fatty acids in the olive oil bind with added oxygen, creating a natural, highly antimicrobial substrate. Calendula is a natural remedy proven to speed healing1 and kill germs, and lavender essential oil creates an appealing scent.

Independent laboratory tests found that CUROXEN kills well over 5 times the germs* as other artificial antibiotic ointments.

Some studies that back up our science:

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Hyperoxidized Oil-based Medication in the Treatment of Skin Lesions  
Scientists were able to prove oxygenated oil’s effectiveness in healing wounds. Benefits include no allergic response, decreased pain and faster healing.

Oxygen in Acute and Chronic Wound Healing  
Study results prove the vital healing role oxygen plays in cell regeneration and repair

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